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Las Vegas Holidays

Those looking for a fun filled vacation should consider a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas offers something for everyone and the prices can be extremely affordable, especially if you book your hotel midweek. Weekends are a little bit more expensive but you can still find great deals by looking at the latest promotions on,,, and

Las Vegas hotels range from budget properties that have 2 – 3 stars to super deluxe hotels and resorts that have 4 – 5 stars. Of course, there are hotels on the famous Las Vegas Strip that are considered deluxe which can have amazingly good deals as well. Many of the hotels have rides or shows made especially to make you want to stay there or at least visit and gamble. Some hotel packages will even try to entice you by including a ride and/or show tickets within the rate. Be sure to ask when you are planning your trip.

Hotels and restaurants in Las Vegas are known to be quite reasonable. What will add up quickly is the cost of the shows that you see. You can see top name performers like Celine Dion while on your vacation. For the most popular Vegas shows, you will want to pre-order your tickets through the concierge desk or through the showroom itself. If you wait until you are in Las Vegas to buy your tickets, you might end up being disappointed.

If you are taking your children with you on your Las Vegas holiday vacation, then be sure to do your research ahead of time. One of the 3 star properties available offers an indoor amusement park. It is the perfect way to let them have fun and tire themselves out whilst on your holiday. If they are old enough, you can drop them off to an amusement park and go right next door to their casino to gamble and have fun yourself. One of the many 5 star hotels has a lazy river pool and a wave pool. These are a big hit with everyone, especially the children. It is a great way to spend your days as you rest and get ready for a night on the town.

If you’re opting for an inexpensive Las Vegas hotel, try finding one that offers a complimentary breakfast buffet as it will save you even more money. These are often quite extensive and can keep you full until it is time for dinner. Whatever you requirements for a trip to Las Vegas, the area has everything you will need to relax and for the kids to have fun. Las Vegas hotels are a haven for entertainment and relaxation. Indulge in the lights and let yourself go in the “Entertainment Capital of the World”.


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